Jet grouting, Soilcrete™

Soilcrete® jet grouting is a commonly used and recognized technique for stabilizing the soil with cement.

High-pressure water or water cement mix (possibly surrounded by air jet) loosens the soil around the borehole and creates the desired form. The nozzle exit velocity is ≥ 100 m/sec. The loosened soil is reformed and the cement suspension is mixed with it. The soil-cement mix is partly flushed out to the top of the borehole through the annular space between the jet grouting rods and the bore hole. Different geometrical configurations of Soilcrete®-elements can be produced. The erosion distance of the jet varies according to the soil type to be treated, the kind of Soilcrete®-process and the jetting fluid being used, and may reach up to 3.5 meters. This technique is regulated by European Standard EN 12716.

In contrast with the conventional ground stabilisation methods Soilcrete® may be used for stabilization and sealing of all kind of soil ranging from loose sediments to clay. This applies also for non-homogeneous soil formations and changing soil layers, including organic material. Soft rock formations have also been treated by Keller – for example sandstone with weak grain texture.

KFS Finland has successfully executed several jet grouting projects in Finland. They include sites of different sizes, also containing sealing sheet pile walls, watertight ground tiles, retaining walls and securing foundations.

Watch a video of jet grouting

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