Retaining Walls and Anchoring

Retaining walls are commonly used in soft subgrades but often also in cohesionless soils when building watertight structures. In most cases retaining walls are built of sheet piles that are driven to the ground.

Bored pile walls are made by drilling sheet piles of steel. The bottom of the pipe is supported by drilling into the rock. A competitive alternative to sheet pile and bored pile walls is a retaining wall made with jet grouting or a wall where these methods are combined, for example a combination of bored biles and jet grouting. A retaining wall done by jet grouting can be built under the existing constructions where it can be utilized as a supporting structure for the building.

A so-called combi walls can be built on cohesionless soils. In this case, the wall is built simultaneously with the excavation.

Retaining walls can be anchored or stand freely on the ground, and they can be set up temporarily during the building or be permanent. In addition to walls we build soil nails and install anchors and steel structures, including horizontal piles and anchoring capsules. If necessary, we also seal the bottom of the sheet pile wall by jet grouting. We use cable anchors as well as pole anchors.

With KFS Finland Oy’s wide-ranging expertise we always try to find the most competitive solution for each situation. Combined with Getec’s anchoring power and monitoring of transfers and hollows we get real-time information of the movements of the wall.