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Haarakaari 42
04360 Tuusula

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Lautatarhankatu 4,
13110 Hämeenlinna


Lastaajantie 4,
88610 Vuokatti


Lentokentäntie 65,
53600 Lappeenranta


Veikkointie 12,
03100 Vihti

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You can fill in the form, take contact directly by phone or send the documents for a request for bid to us.


    The Team

    Our email addresses are always

    Tommi Hakanen

    +358 405 268 078

    Seppo Valtonen

    Seppo Valtonen

    +358 400 331 808

    Technical Director
    Arto Määttä

    +358 400 284 598

    Project Coordinator (on maternity leave)
    Kaisa Tamminen

    +358 407 712 292

    Matti Virolainen

    Developement Manager, Jet grouting
    Matti Virolainen

    +358 407 733 924

    Timo Ylitalo

    Construction Manager, Stabilization
    Timo Ylitalo

    +358 505 715 200

    Jani Kinnunen Työpäällikkö KFS Finland

    Senior Project Manager, Retaining walls and anchors
    Jani Kinnunen

    +358 407 231 467

    Senior Project Manager
    Eeti Määttä

    +358 456 705 334

    Project Coordinator
    Miika Mononen

    +358 401 396 006

    Simo Koskinen

    Equipment Manager
    Simo Koskinen

    +358 407 568 909

    Site Manager
    Oskari Muttonen

    +358 406 712 866

    Sauli Partanen

    Stabilization, Site Foreman
    Sauli Partanen

    +358 400 729 017

    Paavo Tikka

    Stabilization/Equipment, Site Foreman
    Paavo Tikka

    +358 408 388 525

    Tuomas Nyberg

    Stabilization, Site Foreman
    Tuomas Nyberg

    +358 407 773 763

    Erkki Koskelainen

    Responsible Site Foreman
    Erkki Koskelainen

    +358 405 255 105

    Site Foreman
    Hannes Pirchner

    +358 40 547 8906

    Project Manager
    Jonathan Greener

    +358 40 593 2527

    Invoicing information

    KFS Finland Oy (business ID 2467931-0) receives primarily electronic invoices. Attachments to invoices must be sent with the invoice. We don´t accept build invoices, but each site must have its own invoice. In addition to mandatory invoice entries the invoice must include the work number and the name of the subscriber.


    Our e-invoice operator is Maventa. We kindly ask you to send all e-invoices and their appendices to the following address:

    Recipient: KFS Finland Oy

    EDI code: 003724679310

    E-invoice operator: Maventa

    Business ID: 2467931-0

    Operator ID: 003721291126

    Operator ID when sending from the banking network: DABAFIHH

    E-mail invoices and paper invoices

    If e-invoicing is not possible you can e-mail invoices to in pdf-format. Please note:

    • One invoice with its attachments per file. Maximum size of file is 10 MB.
    • The name of the attachment can only contain regular characters (a-z, A-Z, 0-9).

    If your business is unable to send e-invoices we kindly ask you to use our centralized billing address:

    KFS Finland Oy


    PL 100

    80020 Kollektor Scan

    This address is only for purchase invoices to us. All other mail (e.g. advertisements, bulletins) we ask you to send to KFS Finland Oy, Haarakaari 42, 04360 Tuusula.

    Please make sure that the whole address including the serial number is written on the invoice, not only on the envelope. If the serial number is not in the address field we are obliged to send it back to the sender.

    Invoice Identifiers

    To make it faster for us to handle and pay the invoices, we kindly ask you to write down the following identifiers: name of the sender, date of invoice, number of invoice, reference number, the sum, due date, the seller’s business ID, the buyer’s business ID, account number in IBAN form and site number.

    Site Number

    When we make an order we give you a site number. The site number should be included in the invoice as the buyer’s identifier, in the OrderIdentifier field, following the Finvoice standard. In your invoicing software the field can be labelled as, for example, Order number, Our reference, Mark or something else depending on your programme. Please notice that the invoices for different sites should be sent separately.

    Terms of Payment

    • 30 days net
    • 21 days -2 %, 30 days net
    • 14 days -4 %, 30 days net

    KFS Finland Oy as a Buyer

    As a buyer, KFS Finland Oy is considered as a company other than occasionally selling construction services. This means that a reversed duty to pay tax for construction services is applied to our purchases of construction services, according to The Value Added Tax Law Article 8 c. With the reverse of VAT, when a seller invoices construction services, the seller invoices must include:

    • Own business ID
    • KFS Finland Oy´s business ID 2467931-0
    • Mention “no value added tax, reverse charge VAT 8 c §”

    We kindly ask you to send us separate invoices for construction services of reversed VAT and for goods and services with the normal value added tax.

    More Information

    If you need more information please contact us through the following addresses:

    Invoices and payments: