Large Diameter Drilled Piles (up to 1540 mm)

Ahead of Development

Down-the-hole piling has turned out an effective and precise method for groundworks especially in the complex soil of Scandinavia. The development of bits and new and reliable hammers enable the use of larger diameters. Design companies ask for larger and larger piles and Sotkamon Porapaalu has accepted the challenge by acquiring another large bored pile machine. The capacity of the newest machine enables the drilling of 1540 mm underground pipe.

Our machines best suited for large diameter drilled piling are:

  • Bauer RG15T, sizes up until 813 mm diameter
  • Enteco PM1000, maximum underground pipe size 1320 mm
  • Enteco PM1000S, maximum underground pipe size 1540 mm

Rock socket grouting

Design companies have been asking for the rock socket grouting to rock (meaning the space between the underground pipe and the rock) particularly with large drilled piles. Different kinds of external straw solutions and/or lifting and pulling the pipe back with a mass in no way comply with the standards of construction industry.

Sotkamon Porapaalu has developed and registered a patent for a method that makes the grouting mass fit reliably into the space between the underground pipe and the rock even after iron reinforcement and concrete filling. This process ensures a seamless supporting pile structure.