KFS Finlandin työntekijöitä työmaalla


KFS Finland executes both small and large projects by using our versatile organization and equipment. The several small subcontract as well as large prime contract projects that we have completed demonstrate this.
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KFS Finland suihkuinjektointi

Jet grouting

Soilcrete® jet grouting is a commonly used and recognized technique for stabilizing the soil with cement.
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KFS Finlandin työmaalla stabilointi


Stabilization is a method for reinforcing the foundations. The clay, silt, mud or turf layer is strengthened into a supporting ground by mixing it with a binder.
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Tukiseinät ja ankkurointi

Retaining Walls and Anchoring

Retaining walls are commonly used in soft subgrades but often also in cohesionless soils when building watertight structures. In most cases retaining walls are built of sheet piles that are driven to the ground.
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