Geo Structural Monitoring

Our service which previously operated under the name Getec is now called Geo-Instruments. It is a Keller Groups´ global unit specialized to geotechnical monitoring.

KFS Finland Oy utilizes GEO-Instruments´ wide product range diversely in its own demanding special foundation construction projects. The range includes for example hydrostatic level cells, tilt meters, inclinometers and load cell anchor force measurement. Our service provides a solution for monitoring transformations and shifts and the stability and safety of buildings, excavations, banks, bridges, railways, tunnels, dams and slopes.

It is easier to control either a single task or the whole project when you have real-time data gathered with right ways of measurement. Automatic monitoring facilitates the control of risks and allows you to react more quickly to changes and to start repairing activities.

Geoteknisen monitoiroinnin välineistöä