Rock and Shaft Drilling

We drill even the most challenging holes.

Especially tunnels and other underground constructions require new shafts from the ground for different kinds of purposes related to municipal technology, air conditioning, communications and emergency exits. Traditionally smaller shafts have been first drilled and then widened while larger shafts have been drilled and exploded which is a very time- and space-consuming operation and not even possible in all places these days.

Sotkamon Porakaivo has developed for its own use a bit model for rock that drills straight and that makes it possible to execute shaft drillings all the way up to 1150 mm diameter.

  • Size range: 102 mm – 1300 mm
  • If necessary we install pipes to the ground above when the maximum size of the hole is 1150 mm
  • The soy can be collected
  • The straightness is secured with a directing drilling bit and directing chuck and rod guide