The project

At Katajanokka, Consti Julkisivut Oy had a project where Kesko´s old offices were being reconstructed into apartments.
KFS Finland Oy executed the jetgrouting, steelpiling and micropiling in this project.

• The project was demanding due to the fact that most of the works are done under the groundwater level. The project is also based in the city center which adds logistical challenges.

• We started the work with jetgrouting for two elevator shafts ,the elevator shafts where existing shafts that needed to be ”lowered”. The Jetpiles where installed around the elevator shafts to create an watertight wall. This way we could work inside the shafts without problems from the high groundwater level.

• The next step was to secure the concrete floor on places where we would later drill RD 406 steel piles. This jetgrouting was made to secure the older concrete slab which includes water tight membrane.

• In the yard a garage needed to be demolished, but the garage concrete slab was to be kept intact. To save it from cracking from the groundwater pressure it was anchored with 34 pcs of 220 mm diameter steel piles. After the anchoring was done the roof and walls of the underground garage were able to be demolished. Once the garage was demolished, we were able to begin drilling RD 406 mm steel piles.

• The project was performed in a tight timeschedule. Therefore some of the piling works where done from within the scaffolds.