Ville Niutanen becomes CEO for KFS

Ville Niutanen, PhD, has been appointed as CEO for KFS Finland Oy from 3rd April, 2018. He is the former deputy CEO and has headed the stabilisation business activities. He has a broad experience of environmental and ground construction. He has been in managing roles in both construction projects as well as consulting. His background strengthens KFS Finland and Kreate group’s existing strong command of ground and environmental construction.

The ownership of KFS Finland Oy is divided evenly between Kreate Oy and Keller Grundläggning Ab. The company focuses on special works related to ground construction and operates in Finland using world’s best methods.

Kreate Oy is one of Finland’s leading builders of infrastructure and employs over 300 experts of construction around Finland.

Keller Group is the world’s largest contractor in geo structures offering technically highly developed geostructural solutions to the construction industry. It employs around 10 000 professionals globally.

Ville Niutanen

Ville Niutanen